Jewell Transport Services
Our fleet of over 35 trucks and 100 trailers means we can haul it!
Hauling all types of large equipment and machinery, local and long distance.  Our employees are
knowledgeable in operating most types of equipment, ensuring safe loading and unloading.  Our
staff is also able to obtain state and federal permits for moves of distinct complexity.

Log Trucks
These units are extremely versatile.  We truck logs from your landing or jobsite, to local mills.  
These units also have steel boxes that can be temporarily mounted in order to haul scrap from
various remote locations.  Log trucks can also be hired to load log trailers, flatbeds, and dumps.

Walking Floors/Dump Trailers
These units are available for hauling all types of loose processed or unprocessed, forest
products including wood chips, bark mulch and logs in bulk.

Our dump trailers offer transportation of loose materials in bulk (e.g. scrap metal, demolition
debris, processed metal), local and long distance.

Flatbed Services
Our flatbeds specialize in hauling logs, lumber, machinery, and building materials from New
England and Canada to the contiguous 48 states and back.  All trailers are equipped with
straps, chains, 8-foot lumber tarps, and stake kits.

We also offer trucking of overseas containers for exporting shippers to such ports as Albany,
Boston, New York, New Jersey and Baltimore.  Jewell maintains relations with port authorities
and also we have our own chassis available.

We have trailers specially equipped for hauling logs including, but not limited to:  pulp, firewood,
all hardwoods, and all softwoods.  These units can be loaded from the landing by your truck or
our truck.  This combination is generally used for hauling within a 300-mile radius.